The Employee Timesheet Template

The Employee Timesheet enables you to create and manage your employee timesheet. The primary component is obviously the Timesheet, but the system requires other entities to work together with it for companies, firms and agencies to effectively collect, manage, track and share records about Projects, Employees, Timesheets, Activities and Cost Centers.
  • Timesheet
  • Employees
  • Projects
  • Activities
  • Cost Center

Who uses the Employee Timesheet Template?

Small businesses that need to:

  • Store information about multiple employees
  • Store information about employee activities
  • Produce timesheet reports
Key Features

  • Keeps track of Employees, their addresses, job title, and basic timesheet information
  • Keeps an archive of project activities, cost center, regular and overtime hours worked in a given month, any salary advances or loans and traveling allowances
  • Tracks Employee absences and vacations
  • Managers and employees have different access rights 

The Employee Management Template

The template is fully customizable and editable for managing staff and workforce information for modern businesses. It can easily organize and maintain employees essential information in a database designed for staff management. 

Who should use the Employee Management Template?

  • Business owners or Human Resources (HR) who need to manage their staff and workforce more efficiently
  • Department managers who keep track of employees and their salaries

Major Components

  • Departments
  • Employees
  • Salaries
  • Managers
  • Titels