The Custom CRM Template

zenbase custom crm

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) manages customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle between the customer and the company across different channels where a sales team can use to track customers through the entire sales cycle.

The Custom CRM has the following essential components:

  • Leads: initial contacts
  • Accounts: Information about the companies you do business with
  • Contact: Information about the people you know and work with. Usually, one account has many contacts
  • Opportunities: Qualified Leads
  • Activities: Tasks, meetings, phone calls, emails and any other activities that allow you to interact with customers
  • Sales: Your sales team
  • Dashboard: CRM dashboards are much more than just eye candy. They should deliver key information at a glance and provide links to drill down for more details.
  • Login: Salespeople and managers have different roles in the system. Managers have access to reports and sales pipeline information.

Who uses the Employee Timesheet Template?

Sales Team:

  • Access their tasks
  • View their leads
  • Create new tasks for each lead
  • Create new opportunity
  • Lose a sale

Sales Managers:

  • Manage all customers
  • Manage sales team
  • View current sales activities