The Appointments Template

Appointments enables you to effectively manage your appointment calendar.  It is perfectly adapted to service businesses such as hair salons and automobile repair services.
The Appointments template is a great tool to keep your appointments organized so you and your staff can focus on keeping your customers satisfied!

Who uses the Property Management Template?

Small Service businesses that need to:
  • Store information about multiple clients
  • Store information about multiple services
  • Store information about multiple associates or service providers
  • Keep track of multiple appointments for multiple service providers
Key Features
  • Keeps track of Clients, their addresses, contact information and payment terms
  • Keeps track of Associates, their addresses, contact information, employment info and work schedule
  • Allows you to identify different type of Services, each having a specific, user-defined cost and duration
  • Allows you to identify different types of Payment Terms for Clients
  • Clients can schedule appointments based on time or the availability of their preferred service provider
  • Clients can schedule multiple, consecutive appointments with more than one service provider
  • Keeps track of Appointments: Appointment Date/Time; Client Name and Phone Number; Associate Name and Phone Number; Confirmation Date/Time; Cancellations