The Clubs/Memberships Template

The Clubs/Memberships Template enables you to effectively schedule group activities for club members. With the Clubs template, you can make the most efficient use of club resources and ensure that members have an enjoyable experience.

Who uses the Clubs/Memberships Template?

Club Managers who need to:
  • Manage membership at their club.
  • Organize member classes for members at different skill levels.
  • Take bookings for member use of limited resources such as tennis or squash courts.

Key Features

  • Clubs will have more than one Group.  Each Group can be active or inactive.
  • Each Group can have a user-defined Group Type and a user-defined Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).
  • Group meetings/classes run between a start and end date and each session are scheduled between a start and end time.
  • Each Group has multiple Members and may have a Group leader.
  • Stores information about Members, their addresses, contact information, and status.
  • Members may or may not belong to one or more Groups.
  • Members may play one or more Roles within the Groups in which they participate.