The Project Management Template

The Project Management Template is a generic system that enables you to create project management templates. The template can also be modified for use in any application where various components of a whole need to be managed.

Who uses the Project  Management Template?

Applications programmers who need to:
  • Create customized project management applications.
  • Any application where you need to job cost the various parts of a whole.
Key Features
  • Each Project uses the same basic tables.
  • Each Template (element of a project) will have different, user-defined Objects.
  • Each Object (task or component) takes a certain amount of time to create.  The time is stored in the Object record, though the time should also be modifiable at the template level.
  • Templates can have specific, user-defined Features.
  • Templates have a price based on the sum of the time it takes to create all the Objects it encompasses. The price can be modified by the user where needed.
  • Objects can be transferred to Templates from which they can be split into multiple Objects