The Real Estate Template

This Real Estate template enables you to handle Agents and their Listings, the Sellers attached to those listings, as well as Leads and Buyers interested in the listings.
There’s no need for s costly CRM package to effectively manage your office listings.  The Real Estate template allows you to keep track of your listings as well as interactions with Buyers and Sellers so you can focus on making the sale!

Who uses the Real Estate Template?

  • Individual agents who need to:
  • Store information about their Listings and the Buyers and Sellers they work with
  • Keep track of showings to prospective Buyers
  • Establish a comprehensive contact strategy and nurture leads effectively.
  • Brokers who need to effectively manage Listings and workflows for multiple Agents.

Key Features

  • Keeps track of contacts and activities related to a specific Buyer
  • Keeps track of contacts and activities related to a specific Seller
  • Keeps track of showings and other activities related to a Listing
  • Listings can have multiple interested Buyers
  • Buyers may be interested in multiple Listings
  • Listings can be searched by various criteria: Property Size; Location; Number of Rooms; Property Type
  • Listings and buyers can be assigned to specific Agents
  • Sellers can have more than one Listing