The Simple Payroll Template

The Simple Payroll Template provides employee payroll and tax management for small businesses. Keeping an accurate payroll tax record is required for every business owner. It is specifically designed to organize payroll tax. 

There are four main components of this template:

Taxable Entities

The first section in the tax payroll template is the taxable entities. This section allows users to record the tax entities along with the types and cost. The taxable entities and payments box is divided into three parts to accommodate different management purpose.

Tax Types

The next section in the tax payroll access template is the tax type. As the name suggests, the tax types section organize the type of the tax which users should pay. A company may have more than one tax types to pay, so, it is important to have the tax list. 


It simply keeps a record of entities and gross pay at a given period. 

Applicable Taxes 

Applicable Taxes tracks any taxes imposed with respect to the payroll, in each case, if the non-payment of such taxes could result in a withhold.