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Features and Capabilities

ZenBase provides the tools for non-technical users to create powerful online database applications quickly through its simple user interface.

Built-In Cloud Database

CRUD-ready database solution based on phpGrid.

User Management

Rigorous role and table-based permissions allow for strict data control.

Data Imports

Easily import CSV files to build new tables or add data to existing ones.

Interactive Reports

Use your data to generate rich, customized, web-based reports!

What Can You Build with ZenBase?

A few examples of the online databases you can easily build with ZenBase.

Database Management

Inventory Management

Employee Directory

Business Directory

Project Management

Product Category

Create Easy-to-use Cloud Databases.

With ZenBase, you can transform your data into a powerful online database with just a few clicks.

Effortless Data Imports

Use the “Data Import” feature to easily import data from your computer into your new cloud-based database.

ZenBase accepts files in CSV format, allowing you to import data from a wide range of source such as MySQL databases, Excel, Numbers, etc.

Create, Read, Update, Delete Any Record, at Your Fingertips.

With the popular, easy-to-use phpGrid datagrid - a built-in feature of ZenBase - users can manage their online data without a hitch.

User & Permission Management

ZenBase was designed with role-based user and permission management in mind. This allows the administrator total control over which users can view, read and/or edit sensitive data.

Schema Viewer

Visualizes your application database in diagram to help you better understand its structure.

The schema viewer shows how the entities that make up the application relate to one another, including tables, views and more.

Record Audit

No need to worry about users messing up the database; version control will make your live easier!

Whenever changes are made to a cell or record, the previous values are stored and can be restored at any given moment for both individual cells or the entire records.

Interactive Reports

In just a few clicks, you can generate interactive reports of any tables that can be shared within your organization. You can also download the reports for electronic distribution.

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We love the application and the support we've been getting from ZenBase. Please keep developing the application and adding features!

Senior developer, Caleb Hurd


How do you handle my credit card payment?

The site uses the industry leading payment processor Stripe. They handle payment processing for over 100,000 businesses. We do not log or store your card information.

Is my data secure?

A sounding yes! We are committed to protect your data from day one. We encrypt all data as it moves between our servers and your web browser. In addition, we encrypt all data that's stored on our servers. We use SHA-256, the strongest encryption available.

What kind of backup do you use?

We backup your database in multiple locations several times a day. Restoring from a backup is free for Professional plans and above. Your backup also is secured with encryption.

How do I restore data from a backup?

Let us know and we will manage that process for you. We'll soon be automating our backups so you can control any restores right from your dashboard.

How can I ensure no one else can access my data?

We maintain a privacy policy that outlines our commitment to respecting your privacy and the privacy of the information in your account. Ultimately, the data in your account is not accessible to anyone, unless you make it accessible.

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FREE Database Application Mini Course (No Coding Required!)

Learn to create your first online database application without any coding in this FREE,  4-part email course.