The Publications Template

The Publications Template enables you to effectively manage various tasks associated with your publication. With the Publications template, you can maintain a bank of interesting articles that can be easily delivered to your subscribers based on their personal preferences.

Who uses the Publications Template?

Editors who need to:
  • Maintain a database of articles for use in future publications.
  • Give proper attribution to the authors of the articles.
  • Ensure that articles and/or publications are being sent to subscribers.

Key Features

  • Stores information about Publications, their status, and optional images.
  • Each Publication can have multiple, user-defined Tags.
  • Each Publication can have a user-defined Publication Type.
  • Each Publication has multiple Subscribers and can feature multiple Articles.
  • Stores information about Subscribers, their addresses, contact information and status.
  • Subscribers may request different delivery options.
  • Stores information about Articles, their Authors, their status and any Notes associated with them.
  • Each Article may or may or may not have Authors or Notes.
  • Articles can be printed without a Publication and can have an optional image.
  • Stores information about Authors, their addresses, contact information and status.