The Complaints Template

Complaints enables you to effectively manage complaints from your members or clients quickly and efficiently.  It allows you to assign an associate to handle a complaint, assign jobs to associates and track fees and levies associated with the complaint.
The Complaints template helps you keep your member clients happy by making sure their complaints are handled as quickly as possible with the least amount of fuss!

Who uses the Complaints Template?

Service Companies such as Property Managers, Building Superintendents and Homeowners’ Associations who need to:
  • Handle Complaints from their Members
  • Assign Associates to perform the Activities needed to resolve the Complaints
  • Collect any Fees or Levies related to the Complaints
  • Track and schedule any follow-up Activities needed to permanently resolve the Complaint.

Key Features

  • Stores contact information about Members – your clients.
  • Member Types are user defined and can be Companies, Individuals, or Individuals working for a Member Company.
  • Members can have more than one Complaint.
  • Members pay Fees to resolve their Complaints.
  • In some cases, Members pay Levies based on a user-defined Complaint Type or a user-defined Complaint Category
  • Keeps track of Complaints, the Member who made the complaint, any Activities performed by Associates to resolve the issue and Levies to be collected due to the Complaint.
  • Complaints can have multiple, user-defined Activities associated with them and each Activity can have a different, user-defined Levy associated with it.
  • Keeps a record of Activities, Associates assigned to perform the Activities and any follow-up actions that need to be taken to resolve the Complaint.
  • Stores information about Associates and their Activities.