The Job Template

PHP job listing system
Jobs enables you to effectively manage job schedules for your maintenance departments. It can also be used to assign jobs and track job costs for service providers who perform recurring tasks, such as lawn care professionals.

Who uses the Jobs Template?

Maintenance departments or service providers who need to:
  • Store contact information about multiple Clients
  • Store contact information about multiple Associates/Staff
  • Manage work schedules for various Clients
  • Assign various recurring Jobs to Associates
  • Keep track of time spent on jobs for each client for invoicing purposes

Key Features

  • Keeps track of Client Profiles, their addresses, driving directions and contact information
  • Keeps track of Associates, their addresses, contact information, credentials and work status
  • Keeps track of Time Cards for Client Invoices
  • Each Client has one Schedule which can accommodate multiple Jobs
  • Time Cards can have more than one Job Scheduled
  • Invoices can have more than one Time Card attached to them
  • Associates can be assigned more than one Client Schedule
  • Different Associates can work different Shifts