The Training with Attendance Template

PHP training management template
Training with Attendance enables you to effectively monitor student attendance, determine whether students have completed course activities and assign grades for these activities.
The Training with Attendance template is an excellent tool to keep course attendance and grading information organized so you can focus on teaching the class!

Who uses the Training with Attendance Template?

Course Instructors who need to:
  • Track Student Attendance for the Courses they teach
  • Assign Grades based on completion of Course Activities
  • Monitor their Course Schedule for a given Semester
Department Staff who need to:
  • Assign Courses to Students
  • Determine Student Course Schedules for a given Semester
  • Determine whether Students have passed the Course
  • Contact Students or Instructors

Key Features

  • Stores contact information for Students and Instructors.
  • Students take more than one Course and must pass more than one exam.
  • Instructors teach more than on Course and must grade multiple exams.
  • Allows you to define different Types of Courses and the Departments they are attached to.
  • Stores Course information and the Semesters when they are Scheduled.
  • Courses have a limited number of seats which can vary based on Semester.
  • Tracks user-defined Course Activities needed for the Student to obtain a passing Grade.
  • Keeps track of the Courses the Student is taking, their Attendance and Grades obtained for each Activity required to complete the Course.