The Products (Shoes) Template

PHP store product template
Products (Shoes) enables you to effectively manage shoe inventory at one or multiple shoe outlet locations.  With the Shoes template, you’ll always know what’s in stock, what’s coming and where everything is, so you and your staff can focus on making sure your customers walk away with shoes that are a perfect fit!

Who uses the Product (Shoes) Template?

Shoe sellers who need to:
  • Store information about their shoe inventory and the locations in which they are being kept
  • Track purchase orders and delivery dates
Although the template was designed with shoes in mind, it can easily be adapted to manage information about other types of clothing.

Key Features

  • Stores information about Store locations, their addresses and contact information.
  • Stores information about Vendors, their addresses, contact information and status.
  • Store information about the Products (Shoes) which can be purchased from multiple vendors.
  • Shoes come in a variety of Styles, multiple Colors and different Sizes.
  • Shoes can be stored at different Store or Inventory locations.
  • Keeps track of inventory: Styles, Colors, and Sizes on hand as well as Locations in the store and other outlets where they can be found.
  • User-defined reorder levels for each product/color/style/size make it easy to maintain optimum inventory levels.
  • Keeps track of Purchase Orders to various Vendors, details about which Products were ordered, expected delivery dates and payment information.